The First Concept (2009)

1) Photograph from Wall Street, New York. Perspective that inspired the creation of the first illustration. 2) In this first version, the concept was not defined. The colors greatly contaminated the symbolic power of the illustration, just as the concept of the color palette was not elegant and minimalist. When it was recovered a year later, it was determined by a cream color that covered the entire composition, and that each of the elements to be highlighted stood out thanks to the use of a single color.

Google’s World – Original Series

Original series of illustrations from Google’s World. The first two were published on September 11, 2010, and from that date the others were launched until completing the collection with 20 creative works.

Sketches and concepts

Gee Google!

Series of illustrations that were born during the experimentation and search for new concepts for the original series of Google’s World. These compositions show scenes from everyday life, science fiction or universal art, all with the concept of Google Maps icons.

Google’s Space

Series of illustrations that were born from alternative Google Maps applications such as Google Earth, Google Moon or Google Mars.

Google’s World | Marvel Edition

Series of illustrations in which the icons invade the Marvel Comics universe. In it, the characters interact with the famous icons seen in the original series of illustrations. In this we can see Iron Man accidentally destroying an Invaders Points or Spider-Man on the famous Time Square sign.


Collection – Google’s World

Collection – Google’s World | Marvel Edition